Download CPU Z Android

DNIELL SOFT, Download CPU Z Android - A few years ago I once wrote about downloading a portable cpu z for PC. On this occasion I will share the Android Z CPU, which is an application that works to check the overall specifications of the Android smartphone.

In this mini software there are several menu interfaces such as SOC, Device, System, Battery, Thermal, Sensor and About. From each of these choices there is information about your gadget.

Download CPU Z Android

To download the application, check the specifications of this gadget, please go to the download link here.

Download Anti Mosquito PC

DNIELL SOFT, Download Anti Mosquito for PC - Malavida as the developer of this application claims Anti Mosquito software is a free solution to get rid of mosquitoes. Download Mosquito Repellent and forget about being bitten without the need of a mosquito repellent cream.

October 2019 Update - In addition to applications for Windows PCs, you can also get a similar application on your Android smartphone by downloading it from the Play Store.

Anti Mosquito Free Download Software, is software that works to repel mosquitoes. With this software you are guaranteed not to be attacked by mosquitoes when working in front of a computer.

Free Download Anti Mosquito

This Anti Mosquito software functions as a mosquito repellent or this mosquito repellent application, is a freeware software. You are free to spread this software to friends, friends.

Download Camfrog for PC

DNIELL SOFT, Download Camfrog for PC - Do you still like online with camfrog? Before the Android live stream application was as popular as now, camfrog also succeeded.

After almost 8 years (since the first post was published) I have never installed an online chat application on a PC so I finally re-installed the latest Camfrog to ensure whether this application is still available or has been discontinued.

It turns out that in 2019 Camfrog can still be used: D even though we have many similar applications on smart phones, camfrog users still exist today. Evidenced by the continued increase in the official camfrog website address at

Free Download the Latest Camfrog

Latest Free Download Camfrog - Camfrog is a popular chat software besides Yahoo Messenger. This software is divided into two versions, Camfrog Free and Camfrog Pro.

Here we will discuss only Camfrog free, if there is time later we will also discuss Camfrog Pro Version. Although it's free, Camfrog has a variety of features that might make you feel at home for long at the computer.

Download Touchpad Blocker Free

DNIELL SOFT, Download Touchpad Blocker Free - Do you like being disturbed by a touch pad that suddenly clicks? or if you are busy typing all of a sudden the touch pad is touched and clicking just any random? I also have

Indeed, when we are typing using a laptop and suddenly the cursor mouser moves to move what is typed into uninputed. Moreover laptops with a wide touchpad design. If not careful when typing it could be accidentally wrist touching it.

There is a free application that can help you reduce the risk of untouchable touchpad being touched. The name of the software is Touch Blocker

Touchpad Blocker Free Download - This software is used to temporarily disable the touchpad function on a laptop.

Touchpad Blocker Free Download

Touchpad Blocker automatically turns off / deactivates the touchpad function on a notebook / netbook while we are typing. So you don't need to worry about being disturbed by touching the touchpad while writing. This software is free or free, you don't need to pay to get this software

Download the Android Quota Usage Check Application

DNIELL SOFT - Download the Android Quota Usage Check Application. In this smartphone era, Android-based application developers have emerged. Lots of types of applications developed. Whether it's office applications, Tools Application, Social Application, Communication Application. Now in this post, I will share an application that works to check your internet phone's internet data quota usage.

Although each cellphone provides a data usage counter feature on the Android settings menu, there's no harm in trying an official third-party application on the Google Play Store.

Original Article

Hello friend dniellsoft long time I did not update almost 4 years this blog no longer publishes posts. Maybe someone thought I had retired from the world of blogging. Actually yes, since 2015 I stopped writing and creating content for blogs that I manage.

Now in 2019 I am trying to turn on my old blogs and one of them is the dniellsoft a.k.a software download blog. Maybe in the next posts I will also discuss about some android applications and also Windows-based PCs.

Download the Android Quota Usage Check Application

To begin the first post in 2019 I will write about "Download the Android Quota Usage Check Application". Indeed there are many choices of applications that can be used to check or measure the daily quota that we use on an android smartphone

One of them is Internet Speed ​​Meter Lite. This lightweight application is able to calculate the quota used daily and can be accumulated in the last 1 month / 30 days. Go directly to the download link in the table below.