Download Windows 10 Cursor Animation

DNIELL SOFT, Download Windows 10 Cursor Animation - You feel bored with the look of Windows that's all? There are many ways to customize the default appearance of Windows. One of them is by replacing the default cursor with a moving animated cursor.

Personalizing the mouse cursor might reduce boredom a little while in front of the computer. At the end of the article you can go to a site that provides a large selection of animated cursors.

Previously there were 4 sites that provided funny animated cursors when applied to your PC / laptop. But now only two sites remain.

Download Cursor Animation - Cursor Pointer Mouse is a pointer or position indicator on a computer monitor or other display device that will respond to input from a text input or pointing device (wikipedia).

Download Free Cursor Animations

Currently, many software developers who create various types of cursors ranging from animated cursors that are funny and certainly cool. There are also those who make cursors with designs with anime characters such as Naruto cursors.

Here is a recommendation site for downloading animated cursors: -

Then how to change the cursor if it was downloaded earlier For Windows 10 users, here's how to change the cursor in Windows 10.

1. Copy the cursor file that was downloaded earlier

2. Enter the settings by clicking start (Windows logo in the lower left corner) then select the gear logo that is above the Windows logo

3. For more details, try to follow the picture below:

Download Windows 10 Cursor Animation

4. After that you can enjoy the new Kursos that you have installed. good luck

Greetings Download,


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