CDBurnerXP for Windows 10

DNIELL SOFT, CDBurnerXP for Windows 10 – Transferring data from a computer file to a Compact disk or commonly called a CD is an old method of storing files.

File storage solutions have increasingly evolved over time. USB disks and portable hard disks are now the foremost choice when storing or transferring data with large capacities. With prices now affordable, now usb disks and portable hard drives are no longer a luxury item.

Apart from the old school method or not, saving files to a CD is also still in demand by some circles. One reason is cheap, safe, disposable (can be used frequently on RW Cds).

Now to transfer the file needed an application that can write or delete files on the CD. One of them which is quite widely used is CDBurnerXP. Why isn’t CDBurnerXP so many others? Yes, indeed in terms of softare burning there are many choices, including Nero 6. In terms of computer power usage CDBurnerXP is lighter and easier to use compared to Nero Burning ROM.

Despite its name, CDBurnerXP, this software can also burn Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. In addition, the features available in the latest version are able to burn and create ISO files. All you have to do is prepare a blank CD or DVD on the DVD device found on your laptop / computer and then prepare to do what tasks you will do such as:

There are two versions of Download CDBurnerXP, a setup version and a portable version, and there are also two 32-bit and 64-bit variants of Windows.

Originial Article

Download the latest CDBurnerXP – Here it is Nero-like software but this is the free version. So, these days discuss some freeware software that is full power and ready to use.

If on the last occasion I was able to share the download link Nero 6, Nero7, Nero 8, Nero 9 and even Nero 10 * I also shared along with the serial number, crack or keygen. Now if you download this CD BurnerXP, you don’t need to use serial number, crack, keygen or the like. Because this software is freeware software.

Download the XP CD Burner

The main function of CDBurnerXP is to make or copy a CD from CD 1 to another CD. In addition this application is also able to delete data contained on your RW CD disc. Despite the name of the CD Burner XP, it turns out that this software can run well on Windows 7 / Windows 8 and can also burn Dvds.

It turns out the name does not match behavior (the name of the CD, but that’s the function of the XP Burner CD download that you will soon have. Get the latest and free BurnerXP CD, please download here.

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