CPU-Z Android

DNIELL SOFT, Download CPU-Z functions to dig up all information related to hardware and software that is on the computer or laptop that we use as a whole, the results produced are classified as detailed and accurate.

Portable applications are applications that you can use directly without requiring installation first. So just a few clicks you can immediately use it. You can save these apps on a flashdisk or external hard drive that is portable.

With the CPU-Z application, you can find out the type of processor, VGA brand and capacity, the type of chipset the motherboard uses, and what operating system version is installed on your device easily with just one click.

You don’t need to think about whether this application will use up your pc / laptop hard drive storage space. Because this software does not need a large capacity of your hard disk, the installer file just doesn’t reach the giga. Only 1. 8 MB you can already use CPU-Z.

Just one click to be able to run the latest CPU-Z program, then all information related to your device immediately appears. The latest version, 1. 9, released in December 2019, features:

CPU-Z is a freeware that collects information about some of your system’s main devices:
• Processor name and number, code name, process, package, cache level are clearly visible.
• Mainboard and chipset used.
• Memory type, size, time setting, and module specifications (SPD).
• Real-time measurement of the internal frequency of each core, the memory frequency.

CPU Z Portable is a portable application that is able to display specifications or the contents of our computers. Inside you will get the basic specifications such as processor, mainboard, RAM, VGA, cache and interesting info about your hardware.

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There are two versions to download CPU Z. Some are portable and some are installers. Now here I want to share both. Portable versions and installers, as well as for two types of windows platforms that are used. Ie, Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit.

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How have you tried CPU Z? Indeed in this world there are quite a lot of CPUZ-type software, one of which is GPU Z.

From the name, is it almost similar? Only different between C and G. But the two hardware checking software is clearly different, because it was developed by different software developers too, of course.
If you want to try the GPU Z application for your computer too, you can download it via the link I will include below. And here is the GPU Z software display.

This application tool was developed by TechPowerUp, as of this writing the latest GPU-Z is v2. 30. 0 available in two versions. The first is the standard Version and the second is ASUS ROG Themed. On its website TechPowerUp also provides download links for previous versions such as v2. 29. 0, v2. 28. 0, v2. 27. 0.

This GPU Z portable application is very powerful when detecting a graphics card or VGA (Video Graphic Adapter). Because it is for this need that this software is made. So to measure the capacity and capability of a VGA, you need to try to use this lightweight application. The latest GPU Z v2. 30. 0 is only 6. 8 MB which you can store on your flash disk.

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