Indonesian HTML and CSS ebook PDF

Are you a blogger? Want to know more about HTML and CSS codes? Maybe this ebook is for you. HTML and CSS are the two basic languages for building a blog / website.

In fact, this ebook is intended for those of you who don’t know the Html code at all, or you already know but want to add HTML coding skills.

The combination of the two is able to create a beautiful and elegant website. HTML works as the initial body, and CSS is responsible for making the web look more beautiful.

Also in the html css ebook there is also a theory about javascript. With simple language that is easy to understand, makes it easier for you to understand the chapter by chapter of this html pdf book.
This ebook is intended for those of you who are learning about blogs / websites using the web programming language that is HTML.
Usually before you learn more about building websites, you need to learn the basics first. One of the basics of web programming is HTML.
The complete HTML ebook in Indonesian that i will share has 84 pages, in which it discusses the basic HTML, basic CSS, basic Javascript.
The copyright of the Masterin ebook Html code is free, you can also distribute this ebook with the provisions of not changing the contents of this ebook.
In chapter 6 of this ebook, you will also get material on how to “Design a Commercial Website”. The material includes: the appearance of the website, the suitability of the contents of the website with the appearance, ease of navigation, as well as the benefits derived from making the commercial web.
In order to practice the contents of this ebook, you need a Text Editor such as Notepad, and a web browser like Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox.
Free download Complete HTML Ebook:

How have you downloaded the HTML ebook above? I will add a little about the history or development of HTML.
Hypertext Markup Language or familiarly called HTML is a programming language used to create or write a web page. True HTML development from SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language)
Tim Berners –Lee as the creator of HTML at that time worked for CERN. Mosaic is a browser that popularized HTML. Today HTML is the standard used to display web pages. Actually HTML is an ASCII document or plain text, which is designed so as not to depend on a particular operating system.

HTML generation from time to time.

  1. HTML version 1. 0
    In this first version the origin of HTML, namely in 1989 when HTML was first created. Paragraph headings, hypertext, lists, bold and italics in a text, are the capabilities of this HTML version 1. 0.
  2. HTML version 2. 0
    Then on September 22, 1995 HTML version 2. 0 was released. In this version the interactive homepage is increasingly popular. An update to version 2. 0 has also been included in a form on a web page. Forms that are usually used when filling out contact forms or other forms.
  3. HTML versions 3. 0 and 3. 2
    HTML 3. 0 is equipped with features to add tables and images. Unfortunately version 3. 0 did not last long and was soon replaced with HTML 3. 2 which was released on January 14, 1996, in version 3. 2 it has been supported to use images for background, style, frame, and refinement of tables.
  4. HTML versions 4. 0 and 4. 1
    Released on December 18, 1997, in the version there were significant changes in the sectors of tables, images, links, text, meta, form, imagemaps. Followed by the launch of HTML 4. 1 which was officially announced by W3C on April 24, 1998. A year later precisely in 1999 HTML 4. 1 became the standard used at least before HTML5 was released.
  5. HTML version 5. 0
    Is the most stable and updated version of HTML 4. 1. Released on October 28, 2014, HTML v5. 0 is popularly known as HTML 5, which is the basis for creating web displays with a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript.
    With improvements in various aspects and support such as drawing 2d, playing multimedia and control of the form.
    Thus the history of the development of HTML, ranging from v1 to v5. Oh yes for the HTML ebook download link above.

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